About Us

First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ Greeley, CO
Our purpose: Challenged by the life and teachings of Jesus, we are inspired to be an inclusive Christian community rooted in transformative relationships with God and those around us. 


As a practicing Christian community: 
We strive to be renewed, challenged, and inspired by God's presence. 
We believe our faith in Jesus should transform us and influence the way we live our lives.  We wish to be a community of people whose faith is expressed by our love, compassion, and service towards others
We seek to be directed in our lives by reading, studying, and discussing the sacred texts of the Bible. 
We listen for how God continues to speak to us today through the faithful witness and companionship of others around us.     
We believe all people are God’s children.  We welcome and embrace all people and desire people to feel empowered to be fully included in the life and mission of the church. We are an Open and Affirming congregation.  Our Community welcomes and embraces diversity in sexual orientation (LGBTQ inclusive and affirming), ethnicity, ability/disability, socio-economic status, and age.  Please visit our Open and Affirming Statement to learn more. 

Wednesday at the Well Contemplative Worship: 7:30-8:00 am in Chapel on first Wednesday of the