Serving Our Community

First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ Greeley, CO

We believe our witness as followers of Jesus is most powerfully proclaimed through acts of service, compassion, and connection.

First Congregational Church has several ministries that help ensure that neighbors in our local community don't go hungry. In order to make these ministries possible we need VOLUNTEERS! Below is information about 4 awesome ministries and how you can help.

Guadalupe Shelter Fast Facts:

Great service opportunities for families with kids over 12 years old! (Shelter cannot have volunteers under 12) You can coordinate menu with shelter and shop yourself if you would like, or Whitney can do that for you. Beginners Welcome! It's okay if you don't have experience preparing food for a big group. The shelter has a manager or assistant manager there to teach!

First Cong serves the 4th Saturday of each month from 4-6:30 pm. Email if you can you help on any of these days:

  • September 23rd
  • October 28th
  • November 25th
  • December 23rd
  • January 27th
  • February 24th
  • March 24th

Cold Weather Shelter Fast Facts:

The shelter operates as an overflow for the Guadalupe Shelter Oct-April.

Location to be determined. Service opportunity for adults only.

First Congregation will be serving on Friday evenings. Would you be interested in being a part of a team? Contact the Church.

  • Team 1 (First Friday of each month)
  • Team 2 (Second Friday of each month)
  • Team 3 (Third Friday of each month)
  • Team 4 (Fourth Friday of each month)
  • Team 5 (Fifth Friday of each month)

Each team can determine how they want to prep food. Some models used last year:
Prep in the church's kitchen together and then move to shelter to serve
Prep multiple themed dishes at home and meet at the shelter to serve. ex: Soup night where each team member brings a crack-pot of soup, or pasta night.
cook on a griddle at the shelter. : ex: Pancake night

Time-frame: More details to come, but last year all food needed to be to the shelter at 6:45 pm, served at 7 pm and done by 8 pm.

Waste Not:

Moving left over food from UNC to Guadalupe Shelter so that it isn't wasted!
2 adults needed on each team to load vehicle, but kiddos are welcome to be present. Show up at dining hall at assigned time, and load packed food into vehicle. Deliver it to the Guadalupe Shelter! QUICK! Maybe 15 minutes to load, and a quick drive to the shelter. If you would be interested in helping contact the church.

Bundles Ministry:

The Bundles Ministry aims to provide temporary support for church members and their families with prepared or semi prepared foods during difficult, transitional events. This ministry provides immediate food assistance with wholesome, tasty, nutritional entrees. When events occur like rehabilitation, returning from a hospital stay, or other non-health related emergencies happen our volunteers have and can prepare food kits to help during these critical periods. If you’re interested in volunteering, learning various ways to participate, or if you have questions please contact contact the church.

We are grateful to participate with the following organizations and projects:


Weld Food Bank


Guadalupe Shelter


Heath Middle School


Poudre River Trail


Habitat For Humanity

Greeley Interfaith Clothing Bank

Global Refugee Center